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Golf is challenging enough when you can move freely with minimal soreness and tension. However, though you may feel generally comfortable at the outset of a game, a full round of golf places considerable stress on your back, hands, wrists, shoulders, hip flexors, and hamstrings. Whether you are an avid golfer or an occasional one, getting a muscle massage after a round of golf can relax your muscles and enhance shoulder, hip, and back flexibility that results in a more powerful swing and finish. If you have a big tournament coming up, however, you may benefit from a massage 48 hours beforehand as well. 

How Massage Helps Golfers

Regular massage sessions, combined with targeted stretching exercises, can help golfers form and help reduce injuries. This is because a deep massage can help eliminate many of the common ailments and pains that can occur.

Here are a few proven ways muscle massage helps golfers:

Pain Relief and Improved Circulation

Golfers will often play despite recurring or chronic pain, simply accepting the discomfort as a “fact of life.” In many instances, when the condition is not a more complicated medical problem, regular massages can relieve aches and stiff muscles. This allows the golfer to play (and live) without mobility issues. 

In many instances, deep tissue massage can lengthen and relax muscles. It also helps to improve the body’s circulation to relieve the soreness associated with specific movements.

Prevent Injuries

Relaxed muscles are less likely to strain or tear loose during rapid, repetitive movement. Regular massage sessions can relax muscles, allowing them to stretch and contract freely. This also reduces the muscle “shock” that occurs with sudden and abrupt movements from the initial tee shot through the complete round.

Furthermore, a professional massage therapist can often detect lesions and abnormalities that could cause significant problems later.

Improve Posture and Alignment

Correct posture is a vital element of a good golf swing. A well-executed massage reduces muscle tightness that can prevent the golfer from properly straightening their back as they address the ball. 

Improved posture also can benefit other aspects of life, including overall health, confidence, and appearance.

Enhance Overall Flexibility

A great golf swing demands the proper coordination of almost all body muscles. From backswing to follow-through, a decent golf swing primarily requires a high degree of coordination and range of movement that the legs, hips, arms, and shoulders can provide. The outcome will be substantially limited when any part of this complex set of motions becomes restricted by stiffness and inflexibility. 

Regular massages combined with a regular stretching regimen will relax, loosen, and lengthen those key muscles. This allows the golfer to increase their power potential and strive for better performance.

Improved Focus

Eliminate the nagging pains and pay more attention to what you are doing. In golf, this means focusing your attention on strategic elements like swing control, course management, club selection, shot placement, and more. 

Elimination of pain and stiffness through massage therapy can also positively impact other disciplines in life and encourage more movement.

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