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Close-up golfer's grip.

Having the correct grip is an essential part of your golf swing. Furthermore, keeping your golf clubs maintained is a critical part of playing your best. Knowing when to re-grip your golf clubs is part of that maintenance process and, according to the experts, should be done frequently.

Not maintaining your golf club grips will cause you to grip the shaft harder. This, in turn, changes the basis of your swing. The tighter grip can cause problems with your swing and may even result in injury. So, how often should you maintain your golf clubs?

Rule of Thumb: Every Six Months

For the avid weekly or bi-weekly golfer, re-gripping your clubs should be done at least every six months. But if you live in a warmer climate, you will likely want to increase this to every four months. Generally, your driver and wedges will need re-gripping most often, whereas your putter needs less maintenance.

Grips should be replaced as they begin to feel stiff or slick. Often the oils from your hands change the nature of the grips and wear them down. Remember, a worn-down grip will feel more slippery as time passes. 

Checking your Clubs

Start with the eye test. Do the grip areas seem to have a sheen to them? Or do they look a little old and worn? Have you noticed that you seem to slip when you take a shot?

A Golf Pride study shows that a typical golfer loses 3 to 4 shots per 18-holes due to poor and slippery grips.

Heat, dirt, and oils from your hands are the biggest culprits in the degradation of your grips. As the grip begins to wear down, golfers tend to grip harder and unknowingly begin to change their swing. This situation leads to poor shots, a loss of confidence, and a general downgrade of your game. 

You can wash your grips often with soapy water to prevent the oil build-up. While this does help grips become a little tackier, it is not a long-term solution. Eventually, you will need to replace the grips.

It is never too late to make changes, and this is one issue with your golf game that can be addressed easily.

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