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Improving your golf score might best be achieved by sharpening your short game, particularly putting. After all, poor putting can cost you at least one stroke at each hole. While par is based on putting no more than twice on each hole, many average golfers must often settle for three and sometimes four putts once they reach the green. So, while consistent ball striking is still crucial, improving your putting stroke and mindset may be a better fix to improve your golf game.

How to Upgrade Your Putting Game

Like every other aspect of golf, there are both mental and physical elements to consider. Successful, confident putting demands the coordination of many factors, including the appropriate stance, grip, control, swing, vision, and strategy to be successful. These elements are not the same for everyone, but trial and practice will help define what works best for you.

Let’s start with some basic ideas for improving your putting skills.

1. Learn to Judge Distances

Judging the distance to the hole and then adapting your putting stroke to reach that distance is a fundamental need. Understanding distances will help your shots come closer to the hole in the future. 

One activity for sharpening your distance judgment is viewing the ball-to-hole distance from the side rather than from directly behind the ball. For those really long putts, try to envision how many flagsticks (about 7 feet each) laid end-to-end might make up that distance. 

Then, with practice, begin to adapt the strength of your swing to match various distances to the hole.

2. Work on Reading the Green: Visualize Your Putt

Most putts over a few feet are not straight or flat. Besides adapting to various distances, golfers must understand the green breaks and elevation changes the ball will undergo. While you are using a side view to judge the distance, you will also find this view reveals more of the contours and elevation changes between the ball and the hole.

Visualize the ball’s path as it will travel and ensure you align your stance to address the variations. Consider which way the green slopes and whether it will gain or lose speed during the putt.

3. Setup and Alignment

Setup and alignment are all about taking the correct route to the hole. As you approach the ball, relax your arms and shoulders and try to block out everything but the path to the hole. Stay still and stable with your eyes focused on the point where the putter will strike the ball. The putter must strike the ball perfectly square to achieve your desired result.

Focus on keeping your hands and wrists still yet firm. Grip and putter length are very important, so golfers should decide what is most comfortable for them.

4. Be Confident

Be confident as you address your putt. Visualize a solid ball strike and picture the putt traveling the intended path to the hole. With substantial practice and repetition, your putts will come closer than before, and you will improve your score noticeably.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

Just as repetitive work on the practice tees before or after a round is important, spending 30 minutes or more on the practice greens can help improve your skills. The feel and confidence acquired during practice sets can make a huge difference in your approach. You will find those 20-foot putts coming within inches of the hole, while more of those four-footers will drop with one confident stroke.

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