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Explore our range of manual and electric caddies, each engineered to provide superior performance and ease of use on the course.

Golf Push Cart

Our manual golf caddies are the perfect blend of convenience and durability. 

Lightweight and easy to steer on any terrain, these affordable, portable push carts fold to the size of a carry-on bag, making them easy to store. 

Built to last, our carts ensure you enjoy your game without any hassle.

Electric Golf Push Carts

Our electric caddies without remote control offer a seamless blend of power and simplicity, perfect for golfers seeking convenience without extra gadgets. With intuitive controls, you can easily adjust the speed and navigate the course, tackling various terrains with ease. Lightweight and compact, they are an ideal choice for any golfer looking for reliable performance and straightforward functionality on the course.

Remote Control Golf Push Cart

Our remote control caddies make the perfect partner for your golfing adventures. 

These high-performance electric push carts provide effortless navigation with powerful motors and remote control. 

With their durable lightweight frame, anti-tip wheel, and long-lasting battery, our carts guarantee a smooth and enjoyable round on any terrain.

Free Accessories Included With All Carts

Get the most out of your game with our caddies! Each one comes with a free accessories bundle valued at over $200. You’ll have everything you need, including a cup holder for your beverage, an umbrella holder and rain cover for bad weather, and a GPS and scorecard holder for easy tracking.

Plus, when you’re finished, simply store your push cart in the provided trolley bag for convenient transport without the mess.

A Distinctive Style on the Course

All Green Eagle Golf products, from caddies to accessories and apparel, are crafted with both functionality and style in mind. Our contemporary designs stand out from the majority of others, ensuring you look and feel great on the course.

We provide durable and long-lasting items that not only perform exceptionally well but also give you a distinctive style and top-notch performance.

Pack More

Our golf caddies are designed for quick assembly and disassembly, allowing all parts and wheels to be easily stored in the included trolley bag. This makes it convenient to load the caddy into your car without getting it dirty. When taken apart, the caddy occupies the space of a small suitcase, ensuring minimal storage requirements.

Additionally, the trolley bag provides extra room to store your golf shoes and other gear, helping you keep everything organized and minimizing mess.

Quick and Secure Assembly

Our Terra and Aria caddies are assembled using bayonet metal fittings with quick-release buttons. This system completely eliminates any possible play between the individual parts, making the caddy feel like a single piece.

You can take apart our cart in 30”, with just a few moves. Wheels are detachable for easier storage and cleaning.

Golf Accessories

Besides our top-notch push carts, Green Eagle Golf offers a wide range of golf accessories and apparel to enhance your game. You can accessorize your caddy with everything you might need on the course, including a lightweight golf bag, water bottle, umbrella, and more.

Our selection ensures that you are well-equipped for every round, making Green Eagle Golf your one-stop shop for all your golfing needs.


We offer a range of caddies to suit all your needs. If you are looking for an entry-level product that combines affordability and portability, opt for the Terra Manual. If you need an extra push and want the convenience of remote control, choose the Terra Electric. For the full experience, go for the Aria Carbon. It combines the power and practicality of an electric motor with the light weight of a manual caddy.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! All our caddies come equipped with the essential accessories you need during your game:

  • Cup holder for your cup or water bottle
  • Umbrella holder and a rain cover for bad weather
  • GPS and scorecard holder to store your phone and check your score with ease.
  • Trolley bag to store your caddy after the game and load it into your car without getting it dirty

All our caddies come with a carry-on bag for easy storage, an umbrella holder, a scorecard holder, a cup holder, a GPS/phone holder, and a rain cover.

Our caddies are designed to accompany you on any terrain throughout the course. Our rubber wheels with high-adhesion treads are designed to tackle any terrain, whether grassy, sandy, or asphalt, in both wet and dry conditions. Our electric push carts have an automatic brake system and a climbing angle of 35 degrees (Terra) / 30 degrees (Aria), ensuring they are safe to use uphill without slipping.

We understand your need for easy storage. Once disassembled, our Terra caddies can be stored in their compact carry-on trolley bag (31.5 x 13.8 x 6 inches) and can comfortably fit in the trunk of any car. Our Aria caddy is slightly bigger due to its structure, with its portable bag measuring 31.5 x 31.5 x 13.8 inches

Terra consists of 3 parts that are assembled using bayonet metal fittings with quick-release buttons. This system completely eliminates any possible play between the individual parts, making the assembled caddy feel like a single piece.

Aria uses the same principle but is divided into two parts. If you need help assembling your caddy, check out our instructional videos HERE.

Most golf bags on the market are compatible with our carts, including self-standing bags. The rounded supports of our caddy and the fastening straps can also accommodate larger bags, preventing them from tipping over and keeping them secure.

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