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Golf is a popular sport worldwide and golfers come in various shapes, sizes, and abilities. However, all players must be prepared no matter their skill level. Below, we outline which golf accessories beginner golfers will need to play at their local golf course.

Basic Golf Accessories: What You Need

Golf Bag

First and foremost, a golf bag is required to haul all the clubs and other items around the course. It is best to select one that is durable and lightweight. Consider searching for one with sufficient pockets and places for all your accessories.

Golf Balls

Balls vary by manufacturer. If you are a beginner, it’s probably best to buy larger bags of used balls since you are more likely to lose some during each round. As your game improves, it will be time to start investing in new golf balls. Mixed bags of used balls also allow you to test different brands and find the one you prefer.

Golf Clubs 

The United States Golf Association limits the number of clubs you may carry on the course to fourteen. Most of us will use a few less than that number, so it is important to understand the various distances and applications of each club. Beginners and novices tend to use fewer clubs during a round, relying instead on what works for them.

Start with a putter and driver then determine which irons and fairway woods you might need. Each club offers a different height and distance (with a clean shot), so you will need to determine which clubs to take with you on the green. You should also include a sand wedge and pitching wedge in your bag.

The best way to select clubs is to rent a set a few times from your club, this allows you to test the clubs and see which sizes you use the most. While a typical beginner set may work, it is also important to experiment with your swing to identify which clubs are most useful.

Golf Tees

Tees are a very important piece of equipment, especially since you are going to be using these at each hole. They can be wooden or plastic and are inexpensive. It is best to carry at least twenty for each game so you will not run out.

The Next Level: What to Consider Getting

Golf Gloves

Gloves worn on the non-dominant hand help golfers grip the club better and maintain it through the entire swing. Unfortunately, many golfers develop blisters without a glove. 

In some instances, golfers will choose to wear two gloves, but this is a matter of personal choice.

Ball Markers

Once you arrive at the green, you will usually need to mark the location of your ball. While a coin will usually suffice, having real ball markers is always a nicer touch.

Club Brush and Groove Cleaner

Clubs get dirty, especially on a muddy or wet day. It is important to keep your clubs clean so that the dirt and grime do not interfere with your game. Some days you may even find it necessary to clean your club after each shot.

Greens Towel

Always carry a small towel attached to the bag to wipe clubs after each shot. Maintaining your clubs will keep your game on target and make them last longer.

Divot Tool

A divot tool can be used to repair ground damage caused by your ball. This is most important on the green where good shots will leave a depression when the ball lands directly on the green. Always check for and fix any divots you (or others) may have created.

Golf Umbrella

Sometimes it rains while you are playing. To be ready for that non-threatening drizzle, a good golf umbrella is helpful. 

Sunscreen and Water

Sunscreen and water are always a good idea. It is possible you may be outside in the sun for over four hours while playing. This is too long to expose yourself to the effects of the sun and you can easily get dehydrated. Make sure you apply sunscreen liberally and reapply when necessary.

Green Eagle Golf

Be prepared and invest in these golf accessories. Green Eagle Golf is committed to creating a healthy, sustainable environment for all golfers. Whether you are looking to play casually or competitively, we are here to help meet your golfing needs. 

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