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Three golfers walking on the course with their Green Eagle Golf caddies.

Choosing the right golf caddy can significantly impact your game and overall experience on the course. With the growing popularity of electric golf caddies alongside traditional manual ones, it’s essential to understand which type best suits your needs. In this article, we will make a comparison between electric and manual golf caddies, diving into the benefits and drawbacks of both, to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Golf Caddies

Golf caddies have come a long way from their early designs. Initially, they were simple push or pull carts, but advancements in technology have introduced electric caddies that offer more convenience and features. Many golfers now prefer using caddies over golf carts because they allow for walking the course, which has numerous health benefits. Walking not only helps improve cardiovascular health but also enhances overall well-being, aiding in weight management and mental health.

Pros and Cons of Electric and Manual Golf Caddies

Benefits of Electric Caddies

  1. Convenience and Ease of Use
    Electric golf caddies are designed to provide maximum convenience. With features like remote control operation, speed adjustment, and automatic braking, these caddies take the strain out of transporting your clubs.
  1. Energy Saving
    Using an electric golf caddy means you save your energy for your game rather than expending it on lugging your clubs around. This can be particularly beneficial on hilly courses or for golfers who want to focus solely on their performance.
  1. Advanced Features
    Modern electric caddies are often equipped with advanced features such as auto-brake, USB ports for charging devices, and even automatic distance control. These features enhance your golfing experience by providing added convenience and functionality.
Electric golf caddy from Green Eagle Golf with various parts labeled

Drawbacks of Electric Golf Caddies

  1. Cost
    One of the main disadvantages of electric golf caddies is their cost. They are generally more expensive than manual caddies, which can be a significant investment for casual golfers.
  2. Maintenance and Repairs
    Electric caddies require regular maintenance, especially regarding battery care. Proper care and attention can help keep your electric caddy in top condition and prolong its battery lifespan. Additionally, if any electrical components fail, they need to be repaired or replaced. Therefore, it’s important to choose a brand with a good return or customer support policy to assist you when needed.
  3. Weight and Storage
    While electric caddies are designed for convenience, they tend to be heavier and bulkier than manual caddies. This can make them more challenging to transport and store, especially if you have limited space. However, manufacturers are trying to solve this problem by using new materials to create lighter electric caddies. Our Aria Carbon, for example, with its carbon fiber frame, comes in at 14 lbs—roughly the same weight as a manual caddy—giving you the same advantages without the added weight. Check it out HERE.

Benefits of Manual Caddies

  1. Affordability
    Manual golf caddies are typically more affordable than their electric counterparts. This makes them an attractive option for budget-conscious golfers or those new to the game.
  1. Simplicity
    The simplicity of manual caddies is a significant advantage. They have fewer components that can fail, meaning less maintenance and fewer repairs. This reliability makes them a dependable choice for many golfers.
  1. Weight and Portability
    Manual caddies are generally lighter and more portable than electric ones, making them more convenient for travel than their electric counterparts that include motors and battery.
Manual golf caddy from Green Eagle Golf, with indications of measurements and weight.

Drawbacks of Manual Caddies

  1. Physical Effort
    One of the main drawbacks of manual golf caddies is the physical effort required to push or pull them around the course. This can be tiring, especially on long or hilly courses.
  1. Lack of Features
    Manual caddies lack the advanced features found in electric models. For instance, you won’t find USB ports or automatic distance control on a manual caddy. This might be a drawback for tech-savvy golfers who appreciate added conveniences.

So, which one should you choose?

Consider your budget

If budget is a primary concern, a manual golf caddy is likely the better choice. They are more affordable and cost less to maintain.

Evaluate your physical condition

Your physical condition is also a crucial factor. If you prefer to save your energy for playing or find it challenging to push a caddy around the course, an electric caddy could be worth the investment.

Think about your golfing habits

Consider how often you play and the types of courses you frequent. If you play on hilly courses or participate in long rounds, the convenience of an electric caddy might outweigh the additional cost.

Our Top Recommendations for Electric and Manual Golf Caddies

There are many high quality brands in the market to choose from, for both electric and manual caddies, such as Batcaddy, MGI, or Clicgear, just to name a few. So, we understand that choosing among so many options can be confusing.

At Green Eagle Golf, we have curated a small range of caddies that we believe can suit everybody’s needs. Made with sturdy and durable materials, long-lasting batteries, and a moderate weight, our caddies are well-priced for the category and strive to offer exceptional performance.

Our choices:

  • Terra Electric: Made of stainless steel, this model includes a remote control for easy handling. It offers great value for your money and is built to be durable, ensuring superior performance round after round. Check it out HERE.
  • Aria Carbon: Crafted from lightweight carbon fiber, Aria Carbon is the lightest electric caddy on the market, weighing only 14 lbs. Although it lacks a remote control, it offers a seamless blend of power and simplicity, making it easy to control and manoeuvre. Check it out HERE.
  • Terra Manual: For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, the Terra Manual is lightweight, portable, and convenient. It provides an excellent balance of affordability and functionality, perfect for golfers who enjoy walking the course. Check it out HERE.

Choose the Green Eagle Golf caddy that best matches your golfing style and needs, and enjoy the perfect blend of quality, performance, and value.

Three golfers walking on the course with their Green Eagle Golf caddies.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between an electric and manual golf caddy depends on your personal preferences, budget, and golfing habits. Electric caddies offer convenience and advanced features, while manual caddies are more affordable and easier to maintain. By considering the pros and cons of each type, you can select the caddy that best suits your needs and enhances your golfing experience.


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