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Golf courses

While there are plenty of good golf courses around the world, some locations are considered magnificent. These are the courses that any truly avid golfer should aspire to visit and play at in their lifetime. These standout courses offer unparalleled natural beauty, impeccable maintenance and conditions, iconic and creatively designed challenges, and abundant elegance and style. Additionally, many have a deep history and specific traditions. 

For avid golfers with the time and resources to travel, here is our list of the top seven golf courses around the world you must play at.

1. Royal County Down Golf Club 

Located in Newcastle, Northern Ireland, near Belfast, Old Tom Morris originally designed the Royal County Down course in 1889. In 1998, Donald Steel remodeled the course to what it is today. The course itself is 7,186 yards with a par 71. 

This course is considered one of the finest link courses, with breathtaking views of Dundrum Bay. The holes of this championship course zigzag through the Murlough Natural Reserve with a picturesque mountainous backdrop. The greens are surprisingly flat throughout, while the rugged terrain and hidden bunkers add a challenging element.

2. Tara Iti Gold Club

Located on the North Island of New Zealand, in Mangawhai, just outside Auckland, Tara Iti was designed by Tom Doak in 2015. The course is 6,840 yards with a par 71. 

This is a relatively new gold course. However, it has quickly gained popularity among international golfers. Bordering the South Pacific, the incredible course blends land and sea gracefully amidst the dunes and waving grasses. There is a lot of sand on this course. However, golfers can ground their club absolutely anywhere. 

3. Royal Dornoch Golf Club

The Royal Dornoch golf course is located in Scotland and was originally designed by Old Tom Morris in 1892. This course has been remodeled several times, with the most recent designer being Tom MacKenzie in 2013. The course is 6,704 yards, with a par 70.

Royal Dornoch is perhaps the most legendary course on our list, a historic Scottish course bordering the North Sea. In fact, records show that people have been playing golf here since 1616. Hidden in the dunes along the North Sea, the greens are primarily plateaus. Thus, this means bounce-and-run golf isn’t really possible. The biggest challenge on this course is battling the intense Dornoch winds. 

4. Royal Melbourne Golf Club

Located in Melbourne, Australia, the Royal Melbourne golf course was designed in 1931 by Alister MacKenzie and Alex Russell. More recently, the course was redesigned by Tom Doak in early 2016. The course is 6,645 yards with a par 72.

The course itself features miniature versions of surrounding topography making every hole completely unique. Crisp bunkers add an additional challenge to this course with many edges being a foot tall.

5. Morfontaine Golf Club

Located north of Paris, France, the Morfontaine golf course was originally designed by Tom Simpson in 1927. This course was then remodeled in 2004 by Kyle Phillips. The course itself is 6,584 yards with a par 70. 

Morfontaine frequently ranks within the top 50 courses worldwide and offers a challenge for many players. The course is quite tight and surrounded by a dense pine forest.

6. Hirono Golf Club

Located in Hyogo, Japan the Hirono golf course was designed in 1932 by C.H. Alison and remodeled in early 2019 by Martin Ebert. The course is 7,169 yards with a par 72.

This course is located in a hilly pine forest, with ridges and gulleys throughout. The bunkers at Hirono are like no other with various cross bunkers, carry bunkers, and ragged-edge bunkers scattered around the course. Furthermore, these bunkers combined with landscape make this picturesque golf course a great challenge for any player. 

7. Cabot Cliffs Golf Club

Cabot Cliffs golf club is located in Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada, and was designed in 2015 by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw. The course itself is 6,765 yards with a par 72.

Cabot Cliffs offers breathtaking views of the North Atlantic from Cape Breton. Each hole is completely unique as you move through sand dunes, along ocean cliffs, and through a small pine forest. The changing terrain adds an additional challenge for any player, but this also makes for a fun day on the course.

There you have it: the top seven golf courses around the world you must play at. Which of these is top of your list?

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